The philanthropic gift of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan has sparked diverse conversations across the news. They said they want to make the world better for their daughter and the next generation. We are reminded of the challenge by Warren Buffet for wealthy individuals to give away half of their money to charity. This follows on the heels of Bill and Melinda Gate's challenge to all of us to be Global Citizens with our time, talent, and treasure. People are talking about the effects of doing good through nonprofits versus for-profit companies. This gift challenges us to think about what makes the world better than it is today. This gift inspires us to consider our own generosity with our time, talent, and treasure. When a iconic leader makes such a gift, it creates ripples of effects.

We are also presented with an opportunity have thoughtful conversations in the classroom. The classroom is the right place for students to learn about their role as civically engaged and generous community members (civic mission of schools). Access Learning to Give lessons to build knowledge and skills that prepare youth and prompt action. Build classroom lessons around questions such as, What is the difference between philanthropy and charity? What is a nonprofit? What is a 501c3? Why should we give? What impact can a young person have? What issues do I care about? 

Go to Learning to Give's search at the top of the site, and search for lessons by questions or search terms, such as "charity" or "nonprofit" or "hunger." You can narrow your search with grade level or more descriptors. 

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