Give an example of individual philanthropic action that influenced national or world history.
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We can address global issues by working for change at both a personal as well as at a local level. The lesson addresses the need to exercise civic responsibility in promoting the common good in order to realize a more civil society.

The purpose of this lesson is to teach learners how to give charity, to whom one should give charity, and to what extent/amount of charity is to be given. The lesson follows the examples and teachings of Maimonides (the Rambam) as well as interpretations and extensions of ancient Biblical laws.

Through two readings, we learn about racist attitudes and practices in the transportation systems that were supported by Jim Crow laws in the 1940s South. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, it was a final stand after years of injustice and continuous acts of protest. We learn how her social action was part of combined efforts and ultimately changed public transportation laws.

After researching the life and work of a chosen philanthropist from history, the learner takes on the role of that philanthropist in writing a letter back to the learner. In this letter, the philanthropist shares their motivations and feelings about their work, and compares and contrasts their work with the philanthropic work of the learner.