Understanding Service-Learning

Grade Level: 
9, 10, 11, 12
Research and tools related to Service-Learning

Below are Tools and Resources to Help You Get Started with Learning to Give

Mini-Course for Educators or Youth Leaders

This educator  mini-course introduces service-learning to educators with a brief overview of strategies and helpful tips. Learn the steps and quality indicators of service-learning, which is a teaching and learning strategy that combines real-world application of academic skills and content with service to the community. Through stories, examples, and reflection questions, learners analyze what makes a service-learning experience meaningful to everyone involved - the students, teacher, community members, and the recipients of the service. 

Getting Started with Service-Learning


Get Started with a fun video!


What is Philanthropy? This energetic whiteboard video (featured above) defines, describes, and provides examples of philanthropy and service-learning perfect to educate and inspire any K-12 classroom.

Understanding Advocacy and Action: In this video we provide examples of the power of advocacy and action. By incorporating and infusing philanthropy education and service-learning into regular curriculum students learn there are many ways to make a difference; and that they have the strength and power to give time, talent, or treasure for the common good.

Connecting Skills and Interests to Community Needs: What are your interests and skills? These can be used in meeting community needs as you take action for the common good.

Stages of Service-Learning: Service-learning connects learning to needs in the community. Follow the steps in the process outlined here to make successful plans with your students.

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