December Events and Resources

December: Generosity and Thinking of Others

The month of December is the time of many holidays. It is a time when people of many cultures celebrate birth and life through gifts and togetherness. Many people give food and gifts to community nonprofits and financial donations on the last day of the year - the biggest giving day.  Link to resources related to generosity and giving

Bodhi Day - Buddhist (December 8)

St. Lucia's Day - Scandinavian (December 13)

Las Posadas - Mexican (December 16-24)

Christmas - Christian (December 25)

Hanukkah - Jewish (December 18 - 26)

Kwanzaa - African American (December 26 - January 1)

Winter Solstice - Pagan (December 21)

Food and Hunger

Lime Green

Food and Hunger
We often hear about the importance of eating three healthy meals a day, however, some of us do not have the resources to even eat one. The problem with hunger and malnutrition is complicated by multiple societal issues that we can address. Youth are equipped with a voice, heart, and hands to take big and small actions for a meaningful purpose to help raise awareness of and fight the issues of hunger and malnutrition. This toolkit provides information, activities, and resources to help youth take big and small actions to promote healthy living for all.