October Events and Resources

October: Working Toward Peace in Community

In this month when the national events focus on building peace and awareness of the abilities and contributions of diverse people, we immerse youth in building understanding of themselves and their community needs and assets that serve the good of all. 

  • Islamic Heritage Month - Through literature and discussion, we build awareness of the practices and contributions of people from Islamic cultures. Link to Islamic resources on Learning to Give
  • International Day of Non-Violence (October 2) - The International Day of Nonviolence is set on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi to spread the message of nonviolence through education and awareness. Individuals, organizations, and nations create practical acts of peace on a shared date. This is a great time to explore themes of anti-bullying and community building. 
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day (Oct. 11) - A day to honor Native American history and culture. "We recognize Indigenous peoples’ resilience and strength as well as the immeasurable positive impact that they have made on every aspect of American society.”  - President Biden
  • World Food Day (October 16) - This day was established as an international effort to increase sustainable food production, distribution, and health. What can we do to make progress toward the SDG of zero hunger? This video introduces the work of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.
  • National Disabilities Awareness Month - Lesson plans and literature build empthaty and understanding of the strengths and abilities of people with mental and physical differences.
  • Bullying Prevention Month - Teach strategies to understand patterns of bullying behavior and help reduce negative behaviors. Link to Anti-Bullying Lessons on LTG.

In this video, a teacher talks about the transformation of her students when they took action in their community to address the needs that concerned them most. They were empowered by their own ability to make a difference and through support of their community.

Global Issues of Peace and Justice


Global Issues of Peace and Justice

Teach lessons about global issues and the needs of people around the world, including refugees, women and children, and those who face injustice and violence. 

Food and Hunger

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Food and Hunger
We often hear about the importance of eating three healthy meals a day, however, some of us do not have the resources to even eat one. The problem with hunger and malnutrition is complicated by multiple societal issues that we can address. Youth are equipped with a voice, heart, and hands to take big and small actions for a meaningful purpose to help raise awareness of and fight the issues of hunger and malnutrition. This toolkit provides information, activities, and resources to help youth take big and small actions to promote healthy living for all.

Neuro and Physical Diversity

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Neuro and Physical Diversity

Every person has individual traits that make them unique and who they are. Society is enriched when it embraces our differences as gifts and characteristics to understand and respect. Awareness can change attitudes, laws, and opportunities. This toolkit provides information, activities, and service-learning project ideas related to inclusion for people of different levels and abilities.

Develop Skills and Knowledge

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Develop Skills and Knowledge

Philanthropy education and service-learning guide youth to gain awareness of their community's needs and resources. The following activities help foster a culture of caring, respect, and purposeful inquiry. We dive into the issues to find out more and seek help from experts. We gain skills of problem-solving, civic dialogue, and media literacy.