September Events and Resources

September: Community Awareness and Citizenship

Culturally competent youth are aware of the diverse people and places in the world and seek to listen and work for the good of all. Featured themes and resources for September focus on citizenship, civic responsibility, and Hispanic Awareness Month. Our personal identity and connection to others form who we are as members of a diverse and beautiful community centered on the good of all. 

  • National Hispanic Awareness Month - Through literature and discussion, we build awareness of the culture and contributions of Latinx people. Link to Latinx resources on Learning to Give.
  • September 11 Day of Service and Remembrance - Commemorate the heroes of September 11 by being an everyday hero through service to the community. We all have a responsibility to be grateful for the gifts of community and generous with our time, talent and treasure for the common good (philanthropy). Explore our resources on volunteering and disaster response and preparedness.
  • Grandparents Day (September 11) - This day is an opportunity to hear stories of and develop relationships with grandparents and other elderly community members.  
  • Citizenship/Constitution Day (September 17) - We have lessons and resources about citizenship and the U.S. Constitution to model the importance of participation in a civil society. See lesson plans and activities below.

Citizenship, Democracy, and The Constitution

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Citizenship, Democracy, and The Constitution

Lessons about the U.S. Constitution build an understanding and vocabulary about the formation of a government focused on the importance of participation in a civil society. 

View videos about the Constitution and the Presidency: Constitution Hall Pass

Intergenerational Relationships

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Intergenerational Relationships

Communities are stronger when people of diverse backgrounds and ages become friends and work together for a common purpose. These lessons, project ideas, and community resources prompt discussions and service that build respect for people of different generations -- older and younger. The Our State of Generosity resources are based on servant leadership and stories of lifelong philanthropists.

September 17 Is Constitution Day!

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September 17 Is Constitution Day!

Philanthropy in America is closely aligned with democracy and the Constitution's call to keep all citizens involved.  We have many resources about citizenship and the U.S. Constitution to guide discussion and build civic responsibility and knowledge of rights and responsibilities guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Ready-to-use resources teach skills and knowledge of social good, such as why act for the common good, evaluating primary documents, the Census, writing, and advocacy.