We are a global community of diverse stories - past, present, and future. Valuing our communities and sharing our unique stories contribute to a more inclusive world. The following two resources were written by practicing teachers across the country to guide empathy, decision making, community building, and social justice. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) guides include suggested activities and videos to help young people reflect on their personal role in community. Social Justice activities and lesson plans by grade level culminate in a StoryCorps-style project.

Learning to Give in Your After-School Program 

Use our step-by-step mini-courses for teaching generosity and building community connections in your after-school program. Learning to Give’s Free Teaching and Learning Mini-Courses linked below guide After-School instruction and...

These activities guide us to understand ourselves and our communities, what we care about and our role and purpose in the larger community.

Philanthropy education and service-learning guide young people to learn about community and their role in it. In the learning process...