These activities, papers, and toolkits help youth explore the issues they have identified as areas of need in their community or what they care about. They may discuss, seek knowledge from experts, or do more research.

Communities involve youth of all ages and life experiences as changemakers and leaders with this guide developed in collaboration with representatives from Michigan Foundations.

These resources help young people understand their own identity, what they care about, and who they are in relationship to others. This is an important step in building community and in the service-learning process. 

These activities help us explore the assets and traits in our community. What makes your community what it is? What are its strengths, needs, and issues people face? Understanding your community and its resources is an important step in building community, the service-learning process, and taking action. 

We are a global community of diverse stories - past, present, and future. Valuing our communities and sharing our unique stories contribute to a more inclusive world. The following two resources were written by educators and youth facilitators across the country to guide empathy, decision making, community building, and social justice.