Social Awareness

These two sets of resources were designed by educators and youth facilitators with the intent to provide activities and experiences that raise youth awareness of cultural identities and their role in a healthy and equitable community:

  1. Cultural Competence Facilitator Guide - 15 activities for families, clubs, or classrooms

  2. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities - culturally responsive activities

Cultural Competence Facilitator's Guide

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Cultural Competence Facilitator's Guide

This Cultural Competence Facilitator's Guide is made up of fifteen activities for families, clubs, or classrooms - suitable for ages 5-15 - to examine what it means to be culturally competent in today's society. These activities engage youth with literature and discussion to use words, intentions, and actions to build a life of generosity and community engagement.

Culturally Responsive SEL for Social Justice

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Culturally Responsive SEL for Social Justice

These Five Activity Guides provide culturally responsive and culturally affirming activities to build Social Emotional Learning (SEL) while encouraging youth to foster their personal and collective voice and role in diverse communities. Our activities challenge youth to discuss identity and social issues, respect others, and take generous action toward a socially just community.

We are a global community of diverse stories - past, present, and future. Valuing our communities and sharing our unique stories contribute to a more inclusive world. The following two resources were written by educators and youth facilitators across the country to guide empathy, decision making, community building, and social justice. 

Teacher-created philanthropy education lessons magnify the impact of any academic content with themes of generosity, community, and civic and social responsibility. Perfect base for PBL, service-learning, and student-centered instruction. Lessons align to state standards, including Common Core State Standards, and some international standards.

These picture book and teen novel guides provide thought-provoking discussions and activities that teach about giving and caring. The featured books have themes of respect, kindness, inclusion, perseverance, responsibility, generosity, and citizenship.