Young people discuss examples of philanthropy in poems and quotations. They write an expression of philanthropy using the poetic conventions of metaphor, simile, and personification. These statements could be used as the text for greeting cards produced for an Art from the Heart service project and given to veterans, elderly neighbors, or another identified group.

Learners identify and investigate local and national nonprofit organizations by researching their histories, services, and target populations, as well as job opportunities using the web site.

Learners learn the characteristics and impact of the nonprofit sector and distinguish it from the for-profit sector. They identify the mission statement in a familiar nonprofit organization.

Learners explore the variety of job opportunities available in the nonprofit sector, many of which may use their skills and interests. In the nonprofit sector, the work is meaningful because it focuses on a mission to make change for the better. 

Young people identify local nonprofit organizations through the website. They describe what the nonprofits do for the community and how people can help with their mission.


Heifer International, founded in 1944, is a unique non-profit organization founded on the basic principal that we should help the hungry by giving a source of food, rather than just the food alone.  Since...