#ToteChallenge: Students investigate the problems caused by plastic shopping bags, then propose solutions they can take to address the problems. They brainstorm uses for plastic bags and design a reusable shopping tote out of an old T-shirt using engineering, problem-solving, creativity, and communication. They take action for the common good by using and sharing their homemade totes and by educating the community about problems and solutions to the plastic bag crisis. 

Students get outside and play in nature and recognize the beauty of diverse living things in their environment. Their service project is to take action to protect nature and share nature with someone else.

Students use visual literacy skills to analyze the components and message of an image. They listen carefully and seek to understand the different opinions and perspectives of their classmates. The students identify issues that are meaningful to them and create a simple image and text to communicate a message that causes others to think. 

Students learn about the environmental effect of crayons and their own power to make an impact. Students collect gently used crayons from restaurants and other places in the community. They sort them by color, repackage them sustainably for re-use, and add a kind note. They learn about the difference between nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and they identify where there is need for the repackaged crayons.

Root of the Problem is a divergent thinking activity that broadens participants' thinking about the elements of a problem and where the experts are. It's also a great opportunity to use respectful language and generous listening as they work together in small groups, honoring...