#ToteChallenge: Young people investigate the problems caused by plastic shopping bags, then propose solutions they can take to address the problems. They brainstorm uses for plastic bags. This lesson gives guidelines to design a reusable shopping tote out of an old T-shirt using engineering, problem-solving, creativity, and communication. They take action for the common good by using and sharing their project and by educating the community about problems and solutions to the plastic bag crisis. 

Learning about issues and using our voice is a right and a civic responsibility and vital to a healthy democracy. Teaching youth at the earliest ages about using their voice prepares them to be civically engaged as adults. It teaches them to learn more about issues and see each person as a...


Simple Safe Service activities are designed to spark generous action and conversations promoting the good of all. 

Reading aloud is great for both the reader and the one being read to. It’s also fun to share our favorite...

Using the inspiration of Amanda Gorman’s poem “Earthrise,” participants consider what it means to act in ways that honor the Earth. Individuals identify and publicly commit to take action that works to help humans and nature flourish together.

What does it mean to live philanthropically with our “treasure”?  In what ways do we impact nature through purchasing decisions? Participants will develop their understanding of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.  Through researching the ways companies engage in corporate social responsibility, participants explore the impact of individuals making purchasing choices based on environmental sustainability and ethics.