In this one period lesson, students explore the impact of sharing their experience to make a difference to someone who hasn't had an experience yet. They learn about "paying it forward," also known as serial reciprocity. Students will facilitate a service project that revolves around letters of encouragement. The seniors' letters will offer helpful tips and support for incoming freshmen. This lesson may be adapted for any grade level. 

Students learn about the goals of Earth Day and identify areas in town that need clean-up or planting. They plan a day of service.

Adapt this one-period lesson plan for any grade level and follow it with a simple and powerful service project before or on Earth Day. The reflection brings learning and service impact together. 

Students learn about the toxic ingredients in personal care products and take action to protect local waterways from the effects of the chemicals.

Adapt this one-period lesson plan for any grade level and follow it with a simple and powerful service project. The reflection brings learning and service impact together.

This lesson consists of research and project-work days. Students will work through the various worksheets in their groups, developing their projects while relying on what they learned in previous sessions. They use a decision matrix and work collaboratively to fine-tune their solutions. Students conduct independent and whole group research based on the list brainstormed in the KWL.