Courage to Change the World
  1. Strand PHIL.II Philanthropy and Civil Society
    1. Standard PCS 01. Self, citizenship, and society
      1. Benchmark MS.4 Describe the characteristics of someone who helps others.
    2. Standard PCS 02. Diverse Cultures
      1. Benchmark MS.2 Describe the importance of hearing all voices in a community and respecting their right to be heard.
      2. Benchmark MS.3 Give an example of how philanthropy can transcend cultures.
  2. Strand PHIL.III Philanthropy and the Individual
    1. Standard PI 01. Reasons for Individual Philanthropy
      1. Benchmark MS.3 Identify and give examples of stewardship in cultural traditions around the world.
      2. Benchmark MS.4 Identify and describe the actions of how citizens act for the common good.
      3. Benchmark MS.5 Describe the responsibility students have to act in the civil society sector to improve the common good.

Learners explore stories about a hero, Nelson Mandela, whose actions changed the course of history.

PrintOne 20-minute session

The Learner will:

  • identify examples of courage in the life of Nelson Mandela.
  • information about Nelson Mandela from articles and books (search his name plus words like courage, forgiveness, and generosity)

Biography. Nelson Mandela: Anti-Apartheid Activist and World Leader

  1. Anticipatory Set:

    Nelson Mandela was a courageous hero who fought for racial equity in South Africa. He was sentenced to life in prison for his fights against an unfair system of government. After 27 years in prison, he led South Africa to end segregation. He also inspired human rights efforts around the world. 

  2. Read details about the life of Nelson Mandela. This video gives a brief biography of his actions and legacy related to human rights. 

  3. Ask the learners what incidents in Mandela's life are examples of courage. What difficulties did he face? In what ways was he taking action for the good of all, and what character traits of a philanthropist did he exhibit?

  4. Display this quote by Nelson Mandela:

    "There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires."

  5. Ask the learners "What words in this quote by Nelson Mandela relate to courage? Discuss how a person can build themselves up to do something that takes courage. What elements must be present? How do they know they are doing the right thing? How can friends help?