Historic Heroes
  1. Strand PHIL.III Philanthropy and the Individual
    1. Standard PI 01. Reasons for Individual Philanthropy
      1. Benchmark MS.10 Identify reasons why historic figures acted for the common good.

Students will become aware of historic figures who have made a difference in our civil society.

PrintTwo Forty-Five Minute Class Periods

The learner will:

  • explain how historic figures of a particular time period or event have worked for the common good of their community.
  • Photographs, slides, posters, or overheads of memorials commemorating historic heroes. Examples would include: Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.
  • Textbooks, encyclopedias, Internet access for each of the following time periods: Meeting of Three Worlds (beginnings to 1620); Colonization and Settlement (1585 - 1763); Revolution and the New Nation (1754 - 1815); Expansion and Reform (1801 - 1861); and, Civil War and Reconstruction (1850 - 1877).
  • A Walk Down The Mall (Handout One), a copy for the teacher and each student
  • Presentation Guidelines (Handout Two), a copy for each student (Spanish version - Handout Three)
Home Connection: 

Have students work on their memorials for homework.

  1. Anticipatory Set:Show students the pictures of the memorials commemorating historic heroes. Ask them to identify the event, who is being honored, and why.


  2. Using your copy of Walk Down The Mall (Attachment One), assign students one hero each to research. Record the student's name in the box that represents the hero they will be researching. Distribute Presentation Guidelines (Attachment Two) and inform students that they will be creating a memorial that portrays their assigned hero. Review the scoring guide at the bottom of Attachment Two. Allow students to do their research and begin their memorials. After allowing time for research, instruct the students to complete their memorials for homework.

  3. Distribute A Walk Down The Mall (Attachment One). Ask students why the attachment is titled A Walk Down The Mall. (Note: Correlation to the Memorial Mall in Washington D.C. which goes from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol). Instruct students to write one or two key words from each presentation. Allow a couple of minutes for each student to share their project with the class.