Guest Speaker Discusses Motives for Giving

To introduce students to a significant community donor and to learn about various motives for giving, a vision for philanthropy, and why and how young people should learn philanthropy. 

Print1 hour

Students will:

  • Recognize that there are various motives for giving
  • Learn that motives such as gratitude, guilt, peer pressure, self-satisfaction, altruism or honoring the dead vary with each individual situation
  • Understand that the best motive is that philanthropy is the right thing to do and that it makes sense

The guest speaker brings a PowerPoint Presentation on “Motives for Giving” that may include the motivations listed above (from their experience).

  1. The gues presents PowerPoint presentation on “Motives for Giving.”

  2. Follow with class discussion.


Students offer examples from their own perspective and from their family’s motives for philanthropy.