Hunger in Literature

What is a famine and what are its effects? Students read and write an "interior monologue" response.

Print2 hours

Students will:

  • study literature to understand the concept of famine and its effects on the individual.
  • write an interior monologue.

Student copies of exerpts from "Lesson Five: Two Kinds of Hunger" by Stephanie Kempf (1997). (Handout)


Kempf, Stephanie. "Lesson Five: Two Kinds of Hunger." Finding Solutions to Hunger. World Hunger Year, 1997. Web. 

  1. Students read the short story Maria’s Dream (from "Lesson Five: Two Kinds of Hunger") and discuss the questions related to famine and the story found in the lesson.

  2. Students chose one scene from the story and write an interior monologue from Maria’s point of view.

  3. Read aloud Really Mister, He’s Nine (from "Lesson Five: Two Kinds of Hunger") and have students express their reactions through discussion.

  4. Review discussion questions found in the handout with students.


Determine how effectively each student participated in the discussion, and evaluate each student’s interior monologue.