Hunger Review and Research

Students conduct and compile research about hunger. 

Print2 hours

Students will:

  • show that they understand concepts and content about hunger that they have studied so far.
  • conduct research on hunger.



Computers with Internet access.

  1. Review definitions of hungerfood insecurity and food security.

  2. Provide students with online links and articles that will help answer the following questions:

    • How is food insecurity related to hunger?
    • How is food insecurity measured? What are its stages?
    • How do the concepts of food security and food insecurity provide a broader framework for understanding and assessing hunger?
    • What circumstances lead people to experience food insecurity?
  3. Provide students with online links and articles about food insecurity by state. Ask them to review the sources and answer the following questions: 

    • Using the most recent data available, what percentage of people in your state experienced food insecurity?
    • What types of households are impacted?
    • What is the geographic profile by region of the nation?

Students can accurately define the review vocabulary and answer the questions given.