Food Scarcity Around the World

Students learn about food scarcity through a particular country's story.

Print2 hours

Students will conduct research on food scarcity in a country they are assigned.


Computers with Internet access for student research.

Copies of "Lesson 7: If There Is Enough Food, Why Are People Hungry?" from Kempf, Stephanie (1997) (handout).


Kempf, Stephanie. "Lesson 7: If There Is Enough Food, Why Are People Hungry?" Finding Solutions to Hunger. World Hunger Year, 1997. Web.

  1. Students investigate the assumption that food scarcity is the major cause of hunger by researching food production and hunger in different countries.

  2. Students are divided into different groups and each group is assigned a country card. Their job is to research the country and answer the following questions:

    • Is enough food produced in your country to supply everyone with enough calories?
    • Are there hungry people in your country?
    • Why can’t people get an adequate amount of food?
    • Are there particular circumstances that prevent people from getting food? (e.g., civil war, cash crops?)

Students will be able to answer the discussion questions after completing adequate research.