Reflection Jeopardy and Wrap-Up

To reflect on what students learned from this philanthropy class and to gather their feedback on the class experience.

PrintOne or two 60-minute class periods

Students will:

  • Get a big picture view of all that was accomplished during the class
  • Share opinions and ideas on how to make the class even better
  • Thank donors that contributed to the class' grantmaking fund by sending follow-up cards

Jeopardy slide for overhead screen

Philanthropy Jeopardy Questions & Answers

Food (including candy) 

Thank you cards or school stationery cards (blank)

Example of Term Summary and Thank You (for teacher to send to donors)

  1. Hold a short debriefing discussion about the Ceremony (how did it go, what could be improved, anything to note for future Ceremonies).

  2. Split the class into two groups. 

  3. Put the Jeopardy PowerPoint up for the class to see. Act as the moderator and ask the questions for one group to answer at a time. Allow time for the group to discuss and reach consensus on an answer they share with the class. Explain that the group with the most points will be awarded a prize. 

  4. During the game, ask Jeopardy questions that cover and test content learned. For example, “I started the Hull House and had a very hands-on philosophy of philanthropy.” After receiving the answer to a question (in this case, students will answer “I am Jane Addams”) you have an opportunity to ask open-ended, reflective questions about the topic. (This will help understand what students understood well and enjoyed throughout the course and what could be improved.) 

  5. Course Wrap-up:

    • The class has many tasks. Provide time and materials for students to send thank you notes and make phone calls.
    • During this time, draft and send stewardship reports to donors (download example teacher letter below that is written for the Artemis Fund donors). 
    • It is important that students follow up and complete everything that has been required. The “leave it better than you found it” approach will help future classes and strengthen the reputation of the program to be successful. 
  6. Have students turn in a checklist and give a brief presentation on the overall class experience (including the solicitation experience). 

  7. Send out a Google Form or Survey Monkey that asks likes/dislikes and suggestions (this allows the student to give honest feedback because it is anonymous).