Tell Us... What Is It Like Working at a Children's Hospital?

In this episode of the Kids Are Philanthropists too! podcast, we learn about the work and atmosphere at a children's hospital. We talk with medical professionals who treat children with serious illnesses.

Our host is Amy Neugebauer with 11-12-year-old co-hosts Jayden, Alona, Leo, Ismahil, Ibrahim, and Sam, all part of The Giving Square community.

Our special guests are Jayden's uncle Matthew, an ER Nurse, Sonia's uncle Father Nick, a Chaplain, and Thuy and Laura, educators from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Children's Cancer Hospital Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Program.

PrintOne 50-Minute Session

Learners will know and be able to

  • gain awareness of what it is like to be a health-care professional.
  • identify specific helping professions.
  • develop empathy for the mental health aspects or emotions that accompany having an illness.

Link to the Kids Are Philanthropists, Too! podcast Episode 3: "Tell Us... What Is It Like Working at a Children's Hospital?"

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  1. Opening Questions

    • What do you think it might be like to work with kids who are sick?
    • What are you curious about related to working in a children's hospital?
  2. Play the Kids Are Philanthropists, Too! podcast Episode 3: "What's It Like Working at a Children's Hospital?"

  3. Discussion Questions

    1. What are the different ways adults on the podcast help kids who are sick?
    2. Why do they do this work? What are the best parts of the job?
    3. What surprises you about the hours, lifestyle, or challenges for those working in the hospital?
    4. What are some of the ways that adults help kids keep their minds off of their various challenges?
    5. How do people who work in health care take care of themselves?
  4. Extensions

    • Do something kind or generous for health-care workers in your community.
    • Reflect on the different coping strategies that help people handle difficult situations. Try using one of them when you are going through something or share an idea that works with others.
    • Learn more about different health-care professions - in and out of a hospital.
    • Listen to our latest podcast.