How Do Children Experience Grief?

In this episode of the Kids Are Philanthropists too! podcast, we explore the ways children feel grief. Curious about what kids are deeply concerned about? Grief is one of the most pressing concerns amongst 3-5th grade participants in The Giving Square programs in 2023.

Our host is Amy Neugebauer with 9-12-year-old co-hosts Jayden, Rita, and Aoife, all part of The Giving Square community.

Our special guest is Gilly Cannon, Senior Director of Children's Bereavement Services at Caring Matters, one of the top non-profit organizations chosen by our kids to receive a $1,000 grant this season.


PrintOne 50-Minute Session

Learners will know and be able to

  • speak with respect and empathy about grief and loss.
  • name some ways to help people experiencing grief and loss.

Link to the Kids Are Philanthropists Too podcast episode 10: "How do children experience grief?"

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  • Jenny Mei is Sad by Tracy Subisak 
  • The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Viorst and Erik Blegvad (illustrator)
  1. Opening Question

    Have you ever experienced loss of a person, an animal, a thing, or a time in your life?

  2. Play the Kids Are Philanthropists Too podcast episode 10: "How do children experience grief?"

  3. Discussion Questions

    1. What did you learn about grief from Gilly? 
    2. What did she say about how kids and adults experience grief differently?
    3. Are there food or objects that help you remember people who have passed?
    4. Gilly shared that grief can’t be fixed but that people try to fix it anyway. Why is that?
    5. Why is it important to be brave and talk to people who are grieving?
  4. Extensions

    • Make cards for people who have lost a loved one. 
    • Talk to your school about offering a grief club.
    • Reach out to nonprofits that help people experiencing grief and loss. Find out ways you can help.
    • Listen to our latest podcast.