TeachOne Lesson about Water and Flint
How Do We Respond to this Crisis?

With its impact on children and families and the basic right of clean water, the Flint water crisis strikes all of our hearts. The Flint water crisis raises everyone’s awareness of important “invisible” things like infrastructure, environmental stewardship, and political systems. Even if Flint is far from your school, the stories of community trust, leadership, safety, and civic action reach your students and provide opportunities for learning that fit any classroom subject or grade level.

Communities work because of interconnectedness, and we are a global community connected around this Flint crisis. Teach your students a lesson around one of the themes that arises out of the Flint water crisis, such as:

  • Lessons about water and watersheds: How healthy is our water?
  • Lessons about community, and what responsibility citizens and leaders have for shared resources
  • How government, business, and nonprofits work together to solve a crisis
  • The effects of water contaminants and lead on children? What are sources of lead?
  • Lessons about responding to a disaster can be a good entry point to engage your students in discussions about the Flint water crisis and lead students to research and action.

View the Educator toolkit with lessons, project ideas, and background information.


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Photo Credit: Flint River by Sarah Razak is licensed under CC BY 2.0