Using the Advocacy for Animals Toolkit, Ms. Fisk's students decided to raise money to help the animals impacted by the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires. The students raised money for animal-friendly paint and canvases and then created their art. The paintings were then used in a creative fundraiser.

"My first graders painted pictures of an Australian animal of their choice," said Ms. Fisk. To help bring the issue and need for support to light, the students created slideshows about what was happening in Australia with the wildfires and presented to other classes in their school.

After sharing the information and creating their art, the students displayed their completed artwork in their school with containers under them. The entire school was encouraged to bring in coins and "vote" for their favorite painting by dropping coins into the container of the painting they liked the most. They called the project "Quarters for Koalas" and raised over $200 for the World Wildlife Fund.