Collaborative Projects with Partners

With a shared vision for teaching young people about opportunities for making a difference, these partners worked with Learning to Give to create resources for classrooms. 

A Legacy of Giving

A Legacy of Giving is growing a generation of givers in Austin, Texas. In partnership with A Legacy of Giving and the Austin Independent School District, Learning to Give created Character Education lesson plans on ten character traits infused with themes of giving and civic engagement. The lessons were written for grades 6-8 and work well in advisory period, stimulating discussion and action in 20-minute class periods. 



Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is the leading organization for developing skills and credentials in the field of fundraising. They have many resources and professional development opportunities to aid those in the nonprofit sector.  

Through our partnership with AFP we were able to develop specific lessons for National Philanthropy Day, a day to raise awareness of philanthropy. Learning to Give has a lesson plan at each grade span to teach a basic definition of philanthropy. 



Fetzer Institute - Folktales Project

The mission of the Fetzer Institute is to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community. In collaboration with the Fetzer Institute, Learning to Give created high school teaching resources to teach generosity through global folk tales and fables. The Generosity of Spirit teaching resources include access to global stories, high school lesson plans, and a reflection guide that may be used with teens and adults. This rich resource is an asset to any classroom. 



Glenn Institute of the Westminster Schools

The Glenn Institute of the Westminster Schools (Atlanta) helps educate young people about the principles and practice of philanthropy, supports community service programs, and promotes the value of service learning as an important instructional methodology throughout the school’s curriculum. Learning to Give offers Westminster's featured summer course Philanthropy 101 which teaches effective giving and informed critical thinking about community service through readings, research, site visits, and meetings with local leaders. It connects students to their local community and, through community-based experiences, helps them become more aware of society’s growing needs and their own interests. 



Kids' Food Basket; Grand Rapids, MI

KFB  is the largest organization in West Michigan focused solely on childhood hunger. They strive to put an end to childhood hunger using an approach that serves kids directly. They are able to create an engine for volunteering that empowers kids to help each other. Below are lesson plans designed around the issue of hunger. 



McGregor Fund

In partnership with the McGregor Fund, Learning to Give offers the Urban Philanthropy Education Resource with philanthropy education and service-learning tools and lessons for the urban teacher. To honor the legacy of C. David Campbell, the McGregor Fund supports one Teacher in Residence each summer to help Learning to Give serve Detroit and other urban school districts and involve more students in philanthropy and service. The Teachers in Residence create and add tools and lessons to the Urban Philanthropy Education Resource each summer. If you are a teacher in the Detroit area, apply to serve as next summer's Teacher in Residence. 



The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy

The Johnson Center for Philanthropy is an academic center that focuses on the practice and theory of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in general. They support the ideal that nonprofit, government, and business leaders should value collaboration over competition. They are the current host of the Our State of Generosity Teaching Resources, which includes three lessons for middle school and three lessons for high school, plus several activities that center on project-based themes of leadership, careers, and philanthropy.  




Teens all over the United States have the opportunity to make a short video that answers the VING question: If you had $1,000 to give to a person in need, who would you VING it to? Every month one teen's video is selected and they get to present the $1,000 to the person that they focused upon in their video. Learning to Give is partnering with VING to create lesson plans that accompany VING's $1,000 grant program. 



Learning to Give staff is dedicated to maintaining carefully constructed teaching resources that guide teachers and students to learn the traits of generosity, service, civic action, and revolutionary change.

Our partners are some of our greatest resources. As you learn about issues, seek connections with community organizations, look for service opportunities, or want to plan a project, our partner organizations can help you in your work.