D.E.I. Framework

Grade Level: 
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Youth Advisory Committee
Youth Club
In this activity participants will gain an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and construct a DEI framework for different aspects of their youth philanthropy group. Document support provided by the Michigan Community Foundation's Youth Project (MCFYP) 2020.

In what ways can we make spaces for youth philanthropists more inclusive? How can you provide for  diversity, equity and inclusion in your youth philanthropy group? 


60 minutes

Session Materials: 

  • Flipchart paper
  • Markers
  • List of identities (Attachment 1)
  • Prompts for DEI Groups (Attachment 2) 
  • Instructions for Youth Philanthropy Group Action Planning  (Attachment 3)


  1. Start off by asking “What is an identity?” Remember personal identities are: qualities, beliefs, personality, etc. that make a person. As a group, have participants “popcorn” aspects of identity and write them on a large piece of paper. Ensure that the conversation goes beyond the primary aspects of identity. (See Attachment 1 for additional aspects of identity if participants miss some). 
  2. Note that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.) are often heavily referenced in philanthropy. They are sometimes used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. This activity allows you to take some time to get clear on the words and ideas, so the group can be clear on the solutions.
  3. Divide participants up into four groups Pass out each specific groups prompts which can be found in Attachment 2. *If doing this with YAC groups pass out the YAC Databook handout. Have each group pick one of the following focus areas they will be tasked with creating a plan of diversity, equity, and inclusion for:
    • Recruitment
    • Meetings
    • Grantmaking
    • Advocacy and Partnerships
  4. Pass out the instructions for Youth Philanthropy Group Action Planning which can be found in Attachment 3. 
  5. Encourage each group to consider the experience of participating in their YAC or youth philanthropy group. Have groups choose an appropriate way to become more equitable and inclusive in their practices as it relates to their groups' topic.
  6. Allow time for each group to create an action plan surrounding their topic. Have them lay out the steps they will take to achieve their goal and identify who will be responsible for the steps in their action plan and who will be supporting the steps. 
  7. Ask that groups provide a tentative schedule for their action plan, paying special attention to their final goal. Tell them it is best to break down their framework into manageable pieces!
  8. Conclude the activity by having each group share their action plans with the entire group. Together, work to come to a consensus on the action plans the whole group wishes to incorporate during the current program year.