Grade Level: 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Donor Development
Enlightened Self-Interest
Event fundraising
Video Clip and Discussion Guide: Many nonprofits rely on fundraising to support their budgets and get their work done. Want to know what it is like to ask for money to support an issue you care about? This four-minute video clip and accompanying questions provide a glimpse of how fundraisers get excited about asking for money.

Anticipatory Set

Fundraising isn't about getting money to put in your pocket. When someone believes in what you are doing enough to give you funds, they feel good about making a difference. Listen to what fundraisers say about how scary and fun it is to raise money for a cause. 



  1. What is it like to ask people for money? What are the scary and fun parts?
  2. Fundraisers say, "It's not about you." Are there other times you do something scary that is "not about you"? How does that make it easier?
  3. Fundraising is about finding commonalities and helping someone with money to make a difference about something they are passionate about. What issue would you feel good fundraising to support?
  4. When do you see people at their best? Fundraisers see people at their best. They see them being selfless and loving it -- they feel part of making a difference. 
  5. What do you think you need to know about an organization before you can do fundraising for it?

Follow-Up Activity

Many people do their first fundraising through a school/sports fundraiser or through collecting pledges for a race. A school/sports fundraiser raises money for your school or sports team. A race is an opportunity to raise money for a cause that isn't directly benefitting you. Plan a race or other event that involves collecting pledges or money for a charity based on how much you run/walk/dance. What do you need to make that successful for participants and givers?