Philanthropy and Religion

Grade Level: 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Religious Perspectives
Video Clip and Discussion Guide: Every major religion has a message of love and kindness. People of all faiths believe doing good and love for humanity are the building blocks of any community, or civil society. Listen to representatives from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and secular perspectives talk about love and service, or philanthropy. Note the common language of responsibility, justice, and love requiring that we serve -- moving from the individual to community in our actions.

Anticipatory Set

Our nation is divided among many lines, and people find it hard to love others who are different. Why do you think all religions expect us to love and serve as a responsibility and opportunity? 



  1. What does Judaism say about love and service?
  2. What does Christianity say about love and service?
  3. What does Islam say about love and service?
  4. What does the non-religious organization say about love and service?
  5. The concept of cultural pluralism says that groups are able to maintain their unique identities within the larger society laws and values. How are these faith-based values consistent with U.S. values and the Constitutional goals?
  6. Study this chart with the Golden Rule identified in different religions. What are the things that bring us together, and what are the things that separate us?

Follow-Up Activity

Create a poster or meme that illustrates a person or persons loving and serving in a way that might be difficult. Share your image publicly to support love and service as a way to build community and bridge differences.