Volunteerism as Philanthropy

Grade Level: 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Act of Philanthropy
Enlightened Self-Interest
Service Project
Video Clip and Discussion Guide: Philanthropy is often associated with giving money, but giving one's time, talent, and voice can impact society's needs as much as money. This video shares several ways people use their time and talent to impact society and themselves.

Anticipatory Set

The opening piece in this video clip comes from a TV show called "All in the Family." In this show, Archie Bunker promotes and holds fast to misconceptions. The word debunk means to expose the falseness. The humor comes from his blind  "bunking" of the opposite of society's best interests. Listen for his opinion about the value of volunteering. 



  1. What are some of the statements you heard in the video expressing the value of volunteering to the volunteer?
  2. What are the benefits to others in the examples in the video?
  3. What are three examples of people using their talents/skills as volunteers?
  4. What does "enlightened self-interest" mean? 
  5. We may give for reasons that make us feel good, such as giving back, being part of a community, for recognition, or to build skills/experience. Does having a personal interest make the volunteering less valuable than selfless giving? Is there such thing as selfless giving? Discuss. 
  6. What are some things you know, enjoy, and can do that could be of value in service to someone else or society?

Follow-Up Activity

Look up volunteer opportunities in your community. VolunteerMatch is an online service, but you can also search "volunteer opportunities in [your area]."