Being True to Others

6, 7, 8
Keywords & Concepts: 

In the first lesson, the learners analyzed the meaning of integrity as it reflects being true to themselves and reflecting honestly who they are in their actions. In this lesson, we expand the definition to include being true to oneself and others. 

PrintOne 20-minute lesson

The learner will:

  • expand the phrases about being true to themselves in the previous lesson.
  • reflect on the meaning of integrity as being true to their word and to others.

Display the sentences from the previous lesson:

  • John takes care of his appearance and the things in his room and backpack.
  • Marcia speaks kindly about herself and is proud of who she is.
  • Hector tries to be on time for his scheduled events.



  1. Anticipatory Set:

    Remind the learners in the previous lesson, they defined integrity as "being true to yourself." Discuss whether integrity is all about personal choices. "Do our personal choices affect others?"

  2. The following sentences are updated from the previous lesson to reflect integrity as it relates to others.

    • John takes care of things he borrows or shares with others so they all have access to good materials.
    • Marcia speaks kindly about other people and is curious about their interests.
    • Hector tries to be on time when he says he is going to be somewhere so he respects others' time. 
  3. Discuss how the sentences changed when they were thinking of being true to self and others. They may propose other ways to change the sentences so they say and do what reflects their values and respects the values of others.

  4. Discuss ways acting with integrity (being true to self and others) can help create a safe and trustworthy community. How is integrity good for the whole group?

  5. Allow time for journaling about acting with integrity to be true to self and others so everyone feels they are part of a safe and trustworthy experience. 

Philanthropy Framework

  1. Strand PHIL.I Definitions of Philanthropy
    1. Standard DP 01. Define Philanthropy
      1. Benchmark MS.4 Give examples of how individuals have helped others.
  2. Strand PHIL.II Philanthropy and Civil Society
    1. Standard PCS 01. Self, citizenship, and society
      1. Benchmark MS.4 Describe the characteristics of someone who helps others.