The Long Walk

6, 7, 8

Participants read about the philanthropic traditions of early African-American culture and place the values of giving in a hierarchy circle.

PrintOne Forty-Five Minute Session
  • identify and describe concepts related to African-American philanthropy.
  • copies of handout Introduction 
  • copies of handout Gone But Not Forgotten 
  • copies of Gone But Not Forgotten Worksheet
  • Vocabulary lists generated from Lesson One
  • Asante, Molefi Kete. African American History, A Journey of Liberation. Maywood, N.J.: The Peoples Publishing Group, Inc., 1995. ISBN: 1562569031
  • Hall-Russell, Cheryl and Robert H. Kasberg. African American Traditions of Giving and Serving, A Midwest Perspective. Bloomington: Indiana University, 1997.


  1. Anticipatory Set:

    Hand out copies of the Introduction for each student to follow along with a highlighter as you read. Preface your reading by telling the students they are to listen to the reading and need to determine which cultural group the reading is about. Read the introduction to the class. As you read, they highlight phrases that give clues about what cultural group it is. Then they write their guess (African Amermicans) in the blank at the bottom of their copy.

  2. Distribute the handout Gone But Not Forgotten to each student. Students read the article using a share-pair method. (The first student reads the first paragraph; the second student summarizes the information back to the first student. The students change roles with each paragraph.) When sufficient time has passed to allow pairs of students to have read and summarized the entire article, discuss concepts and vocabulary related to African-American philanthropy in a whole-group setting.

  3. Distribute the handout Gone But Not Forgotten Worksheet to each student. Even though they are working with partners, have each student complete an individual worksheet for assessment purposes. Have students refer to their Vocabulary List sheets from Lesson One to complete the worksheet.

Philanthropy Framework

  1. Strand PHIL.II Philanthropy and Civil Society
    1. Standard PCS 02. Diverse Cultures
      1. Benchmark MS.1 Examine several examples of philanthropic traditions practiced in diverse cultures.