May Events and Resources

May: Recognition and Respect

This month we recognize the service of people who died serving in the military, as well as the loving generosity of mothers. In addition, we respect the unique perspective and needs of people who have mental illness. It is also a month to put some focus on learning more about people who are Asian or from the Pacific Islands. 

  • Mental Health Awareness Month - Learn about different types of mental illness and spread the word that mental health is as important as physical health. We raise awareness about the limitations of people who are neuro-diverse as well as how society can show grace and respect.
  • Mother’s Day: Advocate for children around the world by raising awareness of the needs of mothers and children. 
  • Memorial Day: Honor this holiday by recognizing the role of soldiers. Teach the role of patriotism and encourage youth to volunteer and serve locally to benefit their community and country.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month - Through literature and discussion, we build awareness of the culture and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander people.

Embracing Neuro and Physical Diversity


Embracing Neuro and Physical Diversity

Every person has individual traits that make them unique and who they are. Society is enriched when it embraces our differences as gifts and characteristics to understand and respect. Awareness can change attitudes, laws, and opportunities. This toolkit provides information, activities, and service-learning project ideas to make all youth aware of ways to show respect and appreciation for people of different levels and abilities.

Women and Gender

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Women and Gender

Women around the world face challenges at all levels of income, education, global development, and age. In addition, anyone who identifies as transgender, gender fluid or nonbinary frequently faces judgment, discrimination, hate, even violence. This toolkit provides information, advocacy tools, lessons, and project ideas to help young people take action to change the world view of gender and demand equity.

Honoring Veterans and Community Helpers

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Honoring Veterans and Community Helpers

This toolkit of lesson plans, project ideas, and background information raises awareness of the role of veterans, military, and community helpers. Youth gain knowledge of their service as a form of philanthropy - giving their time for the common good. Read literature, study the actions of past military, and take action to advocate for veterans and community helpers and give support to current soldiers.