May Events and Teaching Resources

May Events and Lesson Plans

Join Hands Day: Develop relationships between young people and adults through neighborhood volunteering. Youth and adults work together to plan, organize and implement the day's activity which builds trust and respect, and creates a sense of community.

Mother’s Day: Advocate for children around the world by raising awareness of the needs of mothers and children. 

Memorial Day: Honor this holiday by educating students about patriotism and motivating students for service to their community and country.

Women and Children


Women and Children

Featured lessons focus on women and children and the role of philanthropy in advocating for their rights and needs. 

Honoring Veterans and Community Helpers

Bright Blue

Honoring Veterans and Community Helpers

This toolkit of lesson plans, project ideas, and background information raises awareness of the role of veterans, military, and community helpers. Youth gain knowledge of their service as a form of philanthropy - giving their time for the common good. Read literature, study the actions of past military, and take action to advocate for veterans and community helpers and give support to current soldiers.