In this activity participants will learn about the concept of group consensus; what it means, how to facilitate this type of decision-making, and what it feels like to experience consensus building around community issues. By the end of the activity, participants will demonstrate the effectiveness of using consensus as a group process. 

Castle Crenshaw (Ghost) and four friends learn to navigate their lives and the differences among them. Ghost shows incredible natural talent with very few resources.  Through the help of his coaches, teammates, friends and family Ghost learns to harness his natural abilities, while...

In this activity participants are introduced to the concept of the way business is conducted in board meetings and the value of making process comments in a group. This activity will also encourage positive flow of conversation in meetings and provide tips for how to facilitate an effective meeting.  

In this activity participants to reflect opening on their beliefs and feelings about philanthropy. This activity will also help participants learn to speak up for issues they are passionate about and how to educate others on the topic.