Students will create class rules by determining what they would like their classroom to look like, feel like, and sound like in order for it to be a safe, fair, and fun learning environment. They will come to a consensus about what behaviors will lead to this goal, and what the consequences should be for not demonstrating the behaviors.

Students will learn about philanthropic acts and that teacher permission is not always necessary in order to perform the act. The students will learn two songs that focus on philanthropic acts.

Students will listen to a story and then act it out together. They identify the themes of community, caring and sharing and describe the advantages of cooperation for the common good. They describe how the characters' experiences are alike and different from their own experiences.

As the students learn about communities, their neighborhood becomes a broader picture for them to think about as a place where they are a member and can make a difference. Learning that the community is diverse is important The lesson will introduce some community helpers in whom the learners can put their trust.