#ToteChallenge: Students investigate the problems caused by plastic shopping bags, then propose solutions they can take to address the problems. They brainstorm uses for plastic bags and design a reusable shopping tote out of an old T-shirt using engineering, problem-solving, creativity, and communication. They take action for the common good by using and sharing their homemade totes and by educating the community about problems and solutions to the plastic bag crisis. 

Students examine things they fear and how they feel about them. Then they talk about moving beyond fear by learning more about something. They analyze quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr, about being open and inclusive. They design posters to teach others about what they learned. 

Students learn about nutrition for healthy bodies and encourage others to make healthy choices. Students learn about healthy choices by playing a group game. In the end they learn that when everyone is healthy, we are all able to do our best.

Students explore the meaning of community and describe traits of a healthy classroom community. They develop a class definition of a healthy community and learn how to promote healthy habits in the school community.

“Today, more than 1 million students are trapped in an education system that wasn’t built for them. That system wasn’t designed to accommodate their disabilities—the kinds of intellectual, cognitive, communicative, and physical conditions ... Many of the public schools they attend rest on the...

Students design a plan to make themselves and their school community healthier. They brainstorm what it means to get moving and exercise, and they see that increasing physical fitness activity is good for everyone and brings a community together. Students will choose or design a service project to encourage schoolmates and the community to increase their daily fitness activity.

Students explore the components of the Preamble of the U.S.  Constitution and apply them to their own lives, with a particular emphasis on philanthropy. This lesson is designed for Citizenship/Constitution Day (September 17) and connects students to the community-building focus of the Constitution and how it relates personally to their lives and action. 

These activities and games educate, equip, and empower students to build community, trust, and open communication in the classroom, as well as in the greater community. 


  • This Activity Teaches Problem Solving as a Group. 
  • ...