What Happens to Grief Over Time?

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In this episode of the Kids Are Philanthropists too! podcast, we explore how people move through grief and loss over time. Grief is one of the most pressing concerns amongst 3-5th grade participants in The Giving Square programs in 2023. Note: This episode includes sensitive content about people's stories of loss.*

Our host is Amy Neugebauer with 11-12-year-old co-hosts Jayden and Alona, all part of The Giving Square community.

Our special guest is Ted Wiard, Executive Director and Founder of Golden Willow Retreat.

PrintOne 50-Minute Session

Learners will know and be able to

  • speak with respect and empathy about grief and loss.
  • name some ways to help people experiencing grief and loss.

Link to the Kids Are Philanthropists Too podcast episode 11: What happens to grief over time?

Related Resources:

  • Cape by Kevin Johnson (author) and Kitt Thomas (illustrator)
  • Jenny Mei is Sad by Tracy Subisak
  • The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Viorst and Erik Blegvad (Illustrator)
Teacher Preparation 

Consult with a social worker or local psychology organization about how to have difficult conversations with kids and who can share resources and tips with youth.


  1. Opening Questions

    How can you help someone dealing with grief? What do you think is most helpful?

  2. Play the Kids Are Philanthropists Too podcast episode 11: What happens to grief over time?

  3. Discussion Questions

    1. What stood out from Ted’s interview? 
    2. Sometimes you don’t know that people are grieving around you. What would it be like to feel grief when people didn’t know you were experiencing loss?
    3. We can’t fix grief but we can support someone who is grieving. How can we do that?
    4. Why do phrases like “it will get better” or “brighter days are ahead” not really help?
    5. When someone you love is grieving, it is okay to have your own feelings about seeing them sad. Why might it be hard to share those?
    6. How can you honor those you have lost? How does Ted do that?
  4. Extensions

    • Share stories with your family about relatives or friends who have passed. 
    • Contact a nonprofit working to help people experiencing grief and loss. Find out ways you can help.
    • Listen to our latest podcast.