Kids Are Philanthropists Too! Podcast and Discussion Guide

Grade Level: 
5, 6, 7, 8
Definition of Philanthropy
Youth Advisory Committee
Young people can be civic actors, philanthropists, and community builders...but only if we get out of their way! If we give youth the tools, permission, and support, they will make a positive impact on our families, schools, and communities, now and throughout their lives. ThisĀ "Kids are Philanthropists, Too!" podcast and discussion guide is for people of all ages to explore important social challenges with kids as your guides.

Listen to Kids!

Do you want to better understand how kids see and interpret the world? Want to know more about social issues? Hosted by The Giving Square, these podcasts and discussions dive into important questions and spark listeners to reflect on their own identity and empathy.

The series "Kids are Philanthropists, Too!" demonstrates what we all can learn from young people who have embraced their philanthropic identity and capacities. Each episode is linked below with questions and activities to expand your perspective and actions.

Theme: Health Challenges

We cover physical health challenges as experienced by kids and adults. Listen to hear their perspectives and get some new ideas for how to support friends and loved ones dealing with health challenges.

Our 10-12-year-old co-hosts are Jayden, Alona, Leo, Ismahil, Ibrahim and Sam, all part of The Giving Square community.

Health Challenges Overview and Episodes

Theme: Immigrant and Refugee Experiences

We explore immigrant and refugee experiences through stories. What surprises you about the tough things people encounter and move through?

Our 10-12-year-old co-hosts are Jaydon, Leo, Alona, Isamhil, Ibrahim, and Sam, all part of The Giving Square community.

Immigrant and Refugee Experiences Overview and Episodes

Theme: Grief

Kids share their thoughts about grief. We hear personal stories of loss and experiencing feelings of grief over time. 

Our 10-12-year-old podcast hosts are Aoife, Rita, Jayden, and Alona, all part of The Giving Square community.

Grief Overview and Episodes

This podcast provides a perfect opportunity to hear kids talk with intelligence, maturity and empathy about personal and social issues. Listening and discussing is the perfect way to start conversations with other young people about issues and ways to respond to needs in the community. 

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