Learners will develop a graphic way of visualizing the concept of a million by utilizing what had happened to the Nashua River due to the dumping of raw sewage in 1962. In the first class period, the learners will be introduced to the concept of a million by creating containers that will hold a million small items (i.e. grains of rice). In the second class period the learners will create a model of the Nashua River. Using the concept of a million from the previous class period, they will see what happens to this river by simulating the action of dumping raw sewage (i.e.

The learners will demonstrate to other learners the following concepts: common good, decision making model, opportunity cost, limited resources, pursuit of happiness, and civic writing through a courtroom simulation which they will present to other learners.

When the site is selected, they make a final plan for what plants to put into the garden based on soil, location, and availability. They make a plan to seek donations of plants or funds for their garden.