Participants identify the attributes of a hero who is acting for the common good. Mother Teresa is a hero for her philanthropic work and character. 

Jackie Robinson is a baseball player whose perseverance and strength changed racist attitudes and laws. Participants reflect on Mr. Robinson's actions and make connections to personal actions and to the people they admire today. 

In response to a picture book, each participant identifies their own unique qualities and shares them proudly on a star. They demonstrate respect and trust to share their qualities and pay attention to others' traits. 

Through exploration, we see how six simple machines do their jobs together to get work done. Just as each machine is unique and valuable to the whole, so is each person unique and valuable to our group, to nature, and to the world. We see the value of deliberately respecting others and listening to the contributions of others for a strong community.

In response to activities that show empathy to self and others, participants reflect on roles of individuals in the communities to which they belong. They write a letter to thank someone and draw a picture that highlights the traits that make each member of the group special within the group. 

We learn a little history of the painters Van Gogh and Gauguin who were driven by a need to give of themselves to others through art. Participants study the techniques and draw their own portraits. They make a gift of the portrait to someone.

Rosa Parks' acts of philanthropy brought a community of people together for the common good and resulted in major social change in her community and in the nation. Participants identify a need in the community and take action with personal responsiblity.