Students will visit a local food pantry to present money from the lemonade sale and determine when and how food will be purchased for the community. (If a trip is not possible, a representative from the food pantry may be asked to come to the classroom to receive the donation.)

The students will prepare the lemonade for the sale in the first lesson and review coin recognition and counting skills before the sale. During Day Two, students will sort and count the money collected from their sale.

Students build a positive relationship with a group of people outside the classroom (retirement community, hospital, daycare facility, another classroom, etc.) through performance and discussion about "believing in yourself."

As students work as "insect investigators," they become more aware of their environment and become familiar with several insects and their unique characteristics. This activity is best used in spring or fall.

In a world of us vs. them, how can our children develop a sense of community? In this lesson, our children will gain an understanding of community as people who work, learn, play and live together. Through the activities in this lesson, children internalize the value of being a responsible community member.

The students will gain an understanding of the importance of trees in the environment. Students will show the life cycle of an apple tree in order, and understand the apple is a fruit.