In this lesson, students identify that the universal theme of philanthropy in the Cinderella story remains the same even when the main character is a boy and the setting is in Ireland.  The lesson focuses on vocabulary development.

The lesson emphasis is on the shoe motif in Cinderella as well as the philanthropic ideals of giving and helping others.  A service learning project will be developed where students create a "shoe drive" to donate to children in need.

The students respond to A Chair for my Mother by identifying ways families save and spend money.  They will then identify how savings can accumulate over a period of time.

The students respond to the text of Miss Rumphius and write a class book about actions to make the world more beautiful.  Students learn that volunteering time, talent, or treasure for the common good involves choice, commitment, and inspiration. 

The students will create a piece of art using found and recycled objects brought in from home.

Teacher Note: Arrange to have additional adults in the classroom on Day Two to help with the art projects. For safety, there are some tools and materials that should only be used by an adult.

Students will identify some community and school needs.  They will respond to literature about being a good person and making a difference. Working as a group, the students select a philanthropic project, formulate a plan, and execute that plan to address the need.

This lesson introduces/reviews the definition of a philanthropist.  Students become philanthropists themselves by taking care of trash found within their own classroom/school environment.