How can playing together foster friendships and build community? The student will discover and explore the key elements of friendship and how friends add to a community.

In this lesson, students recognize that they are united with Martin Luther King, Jr. by shared hopes for a world united in fairness. Students illustrate themselves giving time, talent or treasure for the common good. They share the pictures with another class in order to spark action in the other group.

In this culminating lesson, the students share what they have learned about Johnny Appleseed and philanthropy. The students make invitations using apple stamps. They also make applesauce using age-appropriate math skills.

Students make a life-size picture of themselves. They verbally compare their attributes that make them unique. Display the self-portraits hand-in-hand at a local children’s hospital, if possible. Add captions or a list of dictated comments about what the children know about friendship, showing respect or caring about others in their community.

How can we gain a better understanding and respect for ourselves and others? Through the use of music and movement, children will enhance and promote self-respect and respect for others.

The students respond to a story in which a child inspires her neighborhood to improve a vacant lot. The students recognize that they can have a positive impact on others. The class decides on a philanthropic project related to the literature that will benefit the school or larger community.

In this culminating lesson, the students look at the parts of the flowering plant and compare them to the parts of the tree. The students use art supplies to create a flower with all of the essential parts. They reflect on the community planting project and analyze their impact on the earth.

In this lesson, students learn about the interconnectedness of nature and the impact of people on the environment. Students are motivated by literature to teach others the importance of trees in our ecosystem. They respond to the literature selection and design and make posters with a "Save the Trees" message. They also continue work on their community planting project.

This lesson is designed to teach children about living things, such as trees and the different types of plants. This will not only help them understand science benchmarks, but will also help them understand more about their service learning project.