Students will learn and practice manipulating money values. The class will set a budget plan and purchase ingredients for a class snack.

To involve the children in a project to help families who don’t have resources for a balanced nutritious diet. Heifer International will send an actual animal to a family with the money the children raise. The gift helps families be more self-sufficient. The class may buy one family a flock of chicks for as little as $20. Goats, cows and other animals are more expensive.

To raise awareness of the needs of others who are unable to provide a balanced nutritious diet for their own families. Also to introduce the Heifer Project, which provides families with resources and education so they can have nutritious food and earn a living within their own communities.

The unfair laws in America prior to the civil rights movement are shown through the story of Rosa Parks. The idea that the actions of one person can change the life of many is explored.

The concept of freedom as a Core Democratic Value will be described through the story of Harriet Tubman. Learners will understand why unselfish people risk their lives to help others and serve the common good.

Throughout history America has been seen as a land of freedom and opportunity. This lesson will explore the history of why and how people came to America.