Learners develop an understanding of the seven principles of Kwanzaa through artistic applications. Students are challenged to apply the principles to their everyday lives in a way that enhances the communities to which they belong.

Students make the connection that responsible community behavior involves acting for the common good. They will identify volunteer positions in the community and find a volunteer opportunity for themselves.

Students become more aware of the variety of jobs required to run the school. They also demonstrate appreciation for the work of different people through a bulletin board display and respectful behavior.

This lesson introduces the concept of basic needs. Students learn about events that prevent people from getting their basic needs. They also explore how people and organizations step forward to help others get their basic needs met. Students become sensitive to the needs of others and are motivated to think about ways they can help. They are introduced to the term philanthropy.

The purpose of the lesson is to introduce students to the ways in which cultural groups meet their needs within a community in the past and present.

Note: This lesson also includes some Spanish Standards.