Students will create a backdrop of all the students' hands linked together to show trust within the classroom. This will be used later in the Unit. This activity is designed to keep the students focused on trusting one another.

The students will summarize and condense their list of rules from the previous lesson.The students will work together to memorize and establish an understanding of the rules.

This lesson will emphasize that our community in the school is an important part of students' lives and building that community must start with trusting one other student. This lesson gives the students a chance to share their new knowledge of trust and community with other students and also allows them to learn through Multiple Intelligences.

Students will create class rules by determining what they would like their classroom to look like, feel like, and sound like in order for it to be a safe, fair, and fun learning environment. They will come to a consensus about what behaviors will lead to this goal, and what the consequences should be for not demonstrating the behaviors.