A Simple Safe Service project from home: Listen carefully to the problems and hurts expressed by others. Focus on an issue you care about and make a poster to simply communicate a message you want others to hear. Images and words together can inform and persuade to make change. 

We are all connected in a global community, and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call us to action to make a better future for everyone. In order to be successful in reaching these goals, all citizens need to be aware of what the issues are and ways to take action. In this mini-course, we introduce the 17 SDGs and explore ways to bring the goals to life with youth. We guide awareness about the current 17 goals with tools to research and decide which issue participants care about most.

Here's one creative way to engage youth voice to take voluntary action for the common good -- teach them to use spoken word for the causes they care about. This mini-course provides background, examples, and tips for teaching spoken word poetry. Designed for facilitators, this mini-course is also accessible to youth.

No two persons are the same. Yet, we should not let this divide us but unite us. Each young person can be inspired by such movements and have the ability to take big and small actions to help us create a more equitable world. This toolkit guides youth, educators, group leaders, families, and community groups as they investigate the issue of equity and justice and prepare to take action.