To show students that everyone is part of the big picture and that the skills needed to take care of a small community of individuals are similar to those needed to care for a larger community. 

This activity can be done at different times throughout the course, each time adding more people to the circle. As one of the closing activities for Urban EdVenture, we do a giant yurt circle with the entire 5th grade, each person playing a role in supporting their neighbor and their grade as a whole.

To work together, see the big picture, and think about the connection between individuals in the group as students participate in the activity.

Author: Urban EdVenture Faculty

Tell me a story...

Prince Llewelyn had a favourite greyhound named Gellert that had been given to him by his father-in-law, King John. He was as gentle as a lamb at home, but a lion in the chase.

One day Llewelyn went to the chase and blew his horn in front of his castle....

Learners define bullying and describe what bullying behavior looks and feels like. In contrast, they experience the feelings of being helpful and nice to peers when they need it.

Students define community and recognize that a class or after-school group is a community because the members share interests and goals and work together.  Focus Questions:  What is a community and what is my role? What is health and why is it important?