Learners explore the definition of responsibility as "following tasks to completion." They analyze a scenario for the problem, consequences, and possible solutions. Learners connect completing tasks with maintaining trust.

Learners explore and share their attitudes about diversity and issues of justice and kindness. The learners brainstorm ways that they can promote the common good by working to eliminate stereotyping, intolerance, discrimination, and prejudice. Students also explore these issues and have time for introspective reflection.

First impressions of people can often lead to misunderstandings and unfair treatment of others. Using photographs, this lesson raises awareness of our tendency to judge others based on the appearance of a person. Learners reflect on the value of diversity and the necessity for more tolerance.

We define community as "coming together with a common purpose" and brainstorm communities we are part of: classroom, sports team, interest and faith groups, and neighborhood.  We reflect on how philanthropy and trust affect the common good of the community.