Sometimes it is wise to follow the advice of others and at other times it will only bring disaster. This lesson examines stories from South Africa, Morocco, and Nigeria and character traits valued in those cultures.

The children recognize they form a community when they are brought together for a common purpose. They are encouraged to be philanthropic within interest groups, schools, and families to build trust and for the common good of the community.

In response to a picture book, each participant identifies their own unique qualities and shares them proudly on a star. They demonstrate respect and trust to share their qualities and pay attention to others' traits. 

All people have need for and deserve friendship and belonging. In this lesson, we explore the elements of community relationships, like kindness, inclusion, listening, and trust. The children compile pages to make a big book that teaches others to be caring community members. 

A neighborhood becomes a broader picture for them to think about as a place where they are a member and can make a difference. Learning that the community is diverse is important The lesson will introduce some community helpers in whom the learners can put their trust.