Nonprofit Meets a Need for Refugees

Grade Level: 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Community needs
Needs Assessment
Nonprofit Organization (NGO)
Video Clip and Discussion Guide: A Ugandan refugee started the Global Soap Project when he saw a need in the refugee community and found a simple, sustainable solution. This inspirational video clip shows how a nonprofit navigates challenges to address a need with available resources and volunteers. After viewing the video, youth discuss innovation and simple solutions to issues they care about.

Anticipatory Set

Ask the students how much a bar of soap costs. Discuss the importance of soap in keeping our hands clean and reducing the spread of germs. If soap cost $500, would you still buy it? Tell the students to listen to this video to learn how one man made a big difference by repurposing bars of soap that were heading to the trash.

Video Clip


  1. What is the need Mr. Kayongo addressed?
  2. In refugee camps, families had to choose between food and soap because $1 for soap was a significant portion of their money. What do you think was the effect of not using soap? 
  3. Do you think his solution was simple? What makes it sustainable? 
  4. What are some needs you are aware of in your school and community? 

Follow-up Activity

  1. Get together with your classmates or a group of friends and brainstorm some simple solutions to an issue. Use design thinking to get innovative ideas. 
  2. There is more information about the Global Soap Project online. Learn more details about Mr. Kayongo's process and motivations.