Philanthropic Team Power

Grade Level: 
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Service Project
Youth Advisory Committee
Youth Club
In this activity participants learn that the power of caring and sharing can be stronger when there is more than one person acting philanthropically. This activity acts as a good energizer prior to developing a philanthropic team project.

Why is our impact on the community greater when we work together? How can you work in a group to serve community needs? 


  • One chair per five participants


20 minutes 


  1. Divide the participants into groups of five. Ask that the person who is the tallest in the group have a seat on a chair that is placed in the center of each small group. 
  2. Ask that the person in the group whose birthday is closest to today volunteer to go first. 
  3. Ask the volunteer to pick up the person on the chair without touching that person.
    • The person in the chair is to remain seated the entire time.
    • The goal is that all four-chair legs must be off the ground and the person must be safely seated on the chair the entire time.
    • Can you do it alone? 
  4. The purpose of the activity is to demonstrate the power of NOT just one individual to accomplish difficult tasks, but of the power of a team effort. Instruct the group of five to work together to pick up the person on the chair. The group should take about five minutes to plan how they might pick up the person before they begin. 
  5. Some groups may successfully pick up the person in the chair; other groups might have difficulty. If a group is unable to pick the person up, encourage them to ask another group to assist in order to increase the team's overall strength. 


  • What happened in this activity? 
  • How did the team decide how to accomplish the task? 
  • Who was the leader in the group? 
  • How did every member help — pull his or her team share? 
  • What examples of a team effort can you give in a project or activity? 
  • How might this relate to sharing your time, talent, and treasure for the common good? 
  • How does this activity relate to what we do in other parts of our life?