Hero Stories Teach

6, 7, 8

In this activity, the learners get character snapshots of several different real-life heroes and look for patterns and lessons they can take away. 

PrintOne 20-minute lesson

The learner will:

  • identify traits in common between several real-life heroes.
  • write a call to action learned from the heroes.

Displayed chart papers from the previous lesson about different real-life heroes


  1. Anticipatory Set:

    Conduct a 10-minute "Gallery Walk": The learners walk by and read the chart papers from the previous lesson about the qualities of different real-life heroes. As they walk through the gallery, they look for similarities between the featured people. They also look for someone they admire and want to learn more about. 

  2. Have the learners stop where they are and turn to the nearest person and take turns sharing their first thoughts about what patterns they noticed. 

  3. Tell the learners to self-select a chart that they did not create. Working in a new group, they discuss what they can learn from this hero about facing challenges for the greater good. As a group, they come up with a statement or slogan that communicates a key idea about being courageous for the sake of an important purpose. 

  4. They write their composed statement on the bottom of the chart.